Domain Adaptation - Instance Weighting

Domain adaptation is an important area in transfer learning. The goal is grand: to deploy a model on a different domain from which it was trained on. A domain can be simply thought of as a different class of data. One of the examples is sentiment analysis on customer reviews... [Read More]

Machine learning - Week 2

This is the second full-time week spent on things besides my PhD and time has been distributed between algorithms and machine learning. Cramming the algorithms (from computer science) has surprised me about how little I know ‘behind the scene’. More importantly, I’ve become motivated to absorb powerful design principles and... [Read More]

Machine learning - Week 1

To get myself educated about this exciting field, I have started ‘cramming’ the fundamentals in the field. Although there are many cool and complicated tools in libraries and I can use them in a plug-and-go fashion, I do not find this approach satisfying. I want to know why things work.... [Read More]

Compressed Sensing For Classification

Introduction Compression is ubiquitous and powerful. We apply it to reduce images of megapixels to a few percent the size, and we cannot see the difference. But why bother collecting all those data in the first place? This is where compressed sensing comes into play. It is useful when the... [Read More]